Hampshire Road Race Championships

Each calendar year Hampshire holds Championship races at each major set distance.

To be eligible to compete, each athlete must be born in Hampshire or resident in the county for the past 9 months, and belong to a Hants AA affiliated Club (HAA pays for the Marathon Championship Medals).  Prizes are awarded for the overall winner, male and female, and to the winners in age bands for veteran/masters runners.

Please send any questions or comments about the Hampshire Championships to champs@hrrl.org.uk.

Road Race Championship Races for 2012 (decided at Road Race Meeting on 12th September 2011)

distance date race name/location prize list
5 miles 16th September 2012 Victory 5  
10 km 25th March 2012 Eastleigh 10k
10 miles 13th May 2012 Alton 10
Half Marathon 3rd week Nov 2012 Gosport  
Marathon 2012 Calendar Year any official race *  

Road Race Championship Races and Results for 2011

distance date race name/location prize list
10 km 16th January 2011 Stubbington winners
5 miles 3rd September 2011 Overton winners
Half Marathon 9th October 2011 Solent winners
10 miles 6th November 2011 Lordshill winners
Marathon 2011 Calendar Year any official race * winners

From 2010 Championship medals have been awarded to the first runner in each 5-year age band (ladies from 35, men from 40).

* Note:  It was decided by the Hampshire Road Race Committee that the Marathon Championship medals would be awarded to the best performances of athletes in any officially recognised marathon race.  The onus is upon athletes or their clubs to bring candidate performances to the attention of the County Championship organiser via champs@hrrl.org.uk. The closing date for sending in race times is 31st January in the year following the Championship title.

Road Race Championship Results for 2010

distance daterace name/location prize list
10 miles 9th May 2010 Alton winners
5 miles 19th September 2010 Victory 5 winners
Half Marathon 21st November 2010 Gosport winners
10 km 16th January 2011 ** Stubbington cancelled due to snow
Marathon 2010 Calendar Year any official race * winners

Road Race Championship Results for 2009

daterace name/location distanceprize list
1st February 2009Ryde 10 miles winners
29th March 2009 Eastleigh 10 km winners
5th September 2009 Overton 5 miles winners
27th September 2009 New Forest Marathon winners
12th October 2009 Solent Half Marathon winners