News and Notices:

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Runners and Clubs

Please ensure number swaps are notified in advance to organisers for all races and in good time for race deadlines.
Runners not notifying number swaps are liable to be disqualified, and their club may be penalised.
Team vests must be worn to score league points in races.

Tips for running

  1. join and use your best suited local running club
  2. use good quality, comfortable running shoes, in good condition
  3. allow yourself ample warm-up and warm-down
  4. train for distance first, then speed
  5. keep a training diary; avoid increasing total mileage by more than ~10% a week
  6. prepare adequately for your planned races
  7. listen to your body; take injury seriously
  8. drink enough water to avoid dehydration, but not too much
  9. if you lose excess weight, you will run faster with no additional effort
  10. - check your BMI here
  11. whatever you do, enjoy your running