2021-22 race series - click on links for details

Welcome to HRRL, a league series of road races around Hampshire in UK.  WE'RE BACK!

 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons were abandoned due to you-know-what!  We resumed the league races on September 5th 2021 with a 10 race series.

Information updates are available as HRRL Tweets and in our HRRL Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/HantsRRL

For the 2021-22 season, chip timings were used to calculate scores, rather than finish times relative to the start gun, to allow staggered starting and comfortable social distancing where appropriate.  The league table results can be viewed via the tabs above.

Below are the HRRL races with race results links:

  1. Overton 5 mile      -  5 Sept 2021     team-scores   individual-scores
  2. Lordshill 10 km     - 19 Sept 2021      team-scores   individual-scores
  3. Gosport Half         - 21 Nov 2021        team-scores   individual-scores
  4. Victory 5               -  5 Dec 2021        team-scores   individual-scores
  5. Stubbington 10 km  - 16 Jan 2022        team-scores   individual-scores
  6. Ryde 10 mile           -  6 Feb 2022        team-scores   individual-scores        
  7. Salisbury 10 mile      -  3 Apr 2022        team-scores   individual-scores  
  8. Alton 10 mile             - 8 May 2022       team-scores   individual-scores           
  9. Netley 10 km            - 15 May 2022      team-scores   individual-scores               
  10. Alresford 10km         - 19 June 2022     team-scores   individual-scores  

 Please check the HRRL facebook group for entry information and the HRRL swaps page to seek or make available race entries.

The 2021 AGM agreed to adjust the rules to set teams at 4 runners for both men and ladies. An incomplete team is 3 runners in both cases (with score adjusted as if a fourth runner had finished after the last HRRL runner in the race). It has also been agreed that, since there are 10 races in the current season instead of the usual 12, it will be 8 scores to count for teams and 6 to count for individuals across the season as a whole (instead of 9 and 7).

The Road Running meetings are again to be held in person at the Places Leisure Eastleigh. (rather than online as during the pandemic). Member club contacts are notified of the meeting agenda via email. It is also on the facebook HRRL members page.

Happy running!