Benefits of Joining a Running Club

Join a running club now and benefit from:


    worthwhile cost savings

  discounts on sports goods and services such as leisure centres

  BAF/AAA affiliated reduced rate race entry fees (reduction of 2 per race for affiliated fee)

    training and coaching

  sessions for all levels at most clubs, men and women

    social, fun, and charity runs and challenges meet like-minded people and make friends

    short and long races, on and off road, throughout the summer and winter seasons

    run in Hampshire Road Race and Cross-Country league teams

    run in club races and events, or inter-club events, which are often free

    get updates and club news from website and also email or by post

    access to events lists and entry forms, and a wealth of experience from members

    low membership fees most clubs in the region of 1 to 2 per month (as annual fee)

    club insurance coverage during training runs and race events

 Try your favourite HRRL Club   New members and guests always welcome 

Why not go along to a session as posted on club websites -  no immediate obligation to sign up as a member.  Join in with as many or few activities as you want to.

Or talk to any members at a club or a local race.